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Pet odor removal is one of the  reasons for people turning to a professional carpet cleaning company. Many people are unaware of just how difficult and tedious the entire process can be, in order to fully remove the stains above and below the surface, and the awful odors that can be entrenched. If you want to completely eliminate the pet odor and stains in your carpet, then steam truck mount carpet cleaning is the best possible method.  While other carpet cleaning methods only work on the carpet surface (dry cleaning), steam carpet cleaning penetrates into the bottom carpet layers. Steam cleaning is the only method that is considered a deep cleaning system. Over time, debris,dirt, and grime becomes lodged towards the base of your carpet (gravity), making surface cleaning techniques not the most effective cleaning method.  If you’re in the market for pet odor removal or carpet cleaning San Diego, Ramona or Julian, there are several  companies who work with steam cleaning, or also known as the “hot water extraction” process. But why not call us, we are the best!

How It Works

Carpet cleaning companies that specialize in steam carpet cleaning or  water extraction can either use a truck mounted vacuum or a portable vacuum.  The portable vacuum are smaller and used for office spaces and hig rises, but majority of professional cleaners (WE DO) will use a truck mounted vacuum.  The truck mounted vacuum sucks up dirt, humidity, contaminated air, and it doesn’t allow the dirt and debris to recycle back into your home. The truck mounted vacuum is a much more powerful, efficient, and deeper cleaning instrument.  Before we arrive, make sure to vacuum over your carpet to pick up surface remains. Allergens, soil, dust, and bacteria are some of the components that your carpet gradually acquires over time. The initial process of pet odor removal begins with a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution that is applied to the carpet. The mist of the pre-spray solution helps dissolve soil particles trapped into the carpet. Iwill go over the carpet section by section stain by stain. The water temperature is typically 225-250F and helps get rid of biological contaminants. With a high water pressure(700 PSI)  disturbance and a powerful vacuum, pollutants and dirt are greatly reduced. When the hot water is being extracted, it’s also vacuuming up all the dirt and grime. I will repeat this process on the carpet in order to make sure all stubborn dirt is removed.  Our truck mounts can pull up to 70% of the excess water out of the carpet. After the hot water extraction is done, your carpets can take 2-3 hours to dry sufficiently. When your carpet is finally dried, you’re left with beautiful carpets that look refreshingly new. Many of the pre-treating solutions come in fresh scents that leave your carpets smelling great. Today, hot water extraction machines are very powerful and have been proven to cut down on drying time.  The hot water extraction method is recognized by all major carpet manufacturers as a safe and effective technique.  Give us a call today at 760-504-6608

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