Large Area Rug Cleaning


Large area rugs can add a great deal of beauty to any home and can bring together the décor in any room.  Because large area rugs can come with a large price tag, anyone who owns one will want to do whatever they can to protect their investment.  Regular large area rug cleaning and maintenance can add many years of life and beauty to your large area rug, but if you’re always busy it can be hard to find time to do everything you need to do.  Large area rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week and turned every six months so that wear and tear is even rather than concentrated in only the highest-traffic parts of the rug.  The last step to large area rug cleaning and maintenance is having it cleaned at least once a year by professionals.  The large area rug cleaning experts at Oriental Rug Care NY can give your rug a deep cleaning which will help renew its beauty and add years to its life as part of your home.  
At One Call Carpet Cleaning, we are experts in every kind of large area rug cleaning method imaginable.  We have experience cleaning everything from the latest modern area rugs to expensive antique area rugs.  Before we begin any large area rug cleaning job, we analyze the rug to determine how best to clean it.  The methods and cleaning solutions that we use are determined by factors such as the colors used in the rug, the types of dye used, the weaving methods, and the type of fibers used.  The large area rug cleaning experts at One Call Carpet Cleaning,  have the expertise to perfectly match each rug with the best possible large area rug cleaning methods..
Because large area rugs can be such a big investment, we do our best to offer every possible service to you to help protect that investment.  One of the biggest nightmares for large area rug owners is spilled food, drink, or other stains that can permanently damage it.  Rather than trying to treat the stain yourself, why not call the large area rug cleaning masters at One Call Carpet Cleaning?  We are available at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.  Just call us at 1-760-504-6608.  A variety of cutting edge innovations means that we can use specific large area rug cleaning methods to correctly treat any type of stain on any type of large area rug to make sure that your rug is not damaged.  Whatever your large area rug cleaning needs, you can always count on the professionals at One Call Carpet Cleaning

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