Okay, so you’ve had your carpet cleaning by a professional, now what?

What are the best practices for after Carpet Cleaning Care? What can you do to help extend the life of a carpet and keep it looking its best between cleanings?

Walk off Mats

One of the best and least expensive means of preventing the re-soiling of your carpets is with the placement of a medium sized walk off mat at your front door, or in front of the main entries to carpeted areas in your home. Inside your home these walk off mats might include the use of Oriental rugs, sisal rugs, or colorful area rugs. This is one of the simplest tips to make your after carpet cleaning care easy and often an attractive solution as well.

Carpet Rake

When I clean carpets, I finish the cleaning with a carpet rake. This after carpet cleaning care fluffs up the fibers and removes the marks left by the cleaners wand or pad machine. For homeowners this tool is great before vacuuming to help break up mud and loosen compacted fibers for a truly deep cleaning with your vacuum cleaner.

Spotting Kits

Get a spotting kit for your after carpet cleaning care needs. We offer home spotting kits for very reasonable prices, and can supply you with as many units as you would like. A home after carpet cleaning care, carpet stain removal or spotting kit can be as simple as a professional spotting solution diluted properly for home or office use, or might contain four or more spotting solutions, scrapers, and towels.

We also have a large fabric and carpet spotting guide page on this site to help you with any type of spot or stain you may have.

By taking care of spills, spots, and stains immediately, you not only enhance the beauty of the carpet and upholstery, you help them from becoming permanent additions to your home.

Get a top rated vacuum!

I can’t stress enough the value of a good vacuum and it’s use in regular and thorough vacuuming. In after carpet cleaning care, 90% of the soil in your carpet at any given time is dry soil! That means the dust, sloughed off skin cells, mud, dirt, sand, and spots might stay gone longer by just vacuuming!

If you’d like to see how much dust and dirt is deposited on your carpets in just one week, try not dusting a shelf or table for a week. Now, think of multiplying that dust over the entire surface of your carpet! All that material floating in the sunlight that streams through your windows lands somewhere. Every step you take stirs it up again unless it is removed.

A regular vacuuming will improve your indoor air quality!


Most people don’t have the time or energy to vacuum their entire homes every day. If however, you want to see a dramatic improvement in the air in your home, and a reduction of dust on everything in it, then vacuum your high traffic areas every day, and at least a few times a week. Follow this regular cleaning with a complete vacuuming at least once a week.

When I have mentioned this to clients, they tell me it seems a little excessive. If you would like another demonstration of what you are picking up, lay a white sheet across the carpet right up to the threshold of your front or back door, or your kitchen and leave it there for a week. The dirt that is picked up after just a few days is being carried around your home as you walk through it.

Clean your upholstery and then vacuum it each week.


Imagine wearing your a coat or sweater for several winters, but never getting it cleaned. The odors, the spills, and the dirt might not be easily visible, but you want to wear clean clothes, right? Why treat your carpet and upholstery any differently?. Some sofas are never cleaned, and yet many families use them as sports bars, pizza and movie night venues, and well….need I go on? Get your sofa cleaned and then protected with a fabric protector, and then at least once a week vacuum it.

How can you tell if it’s time to clean your sofa. With your vacuum hose, and a dampened white terry cloth towel, hold the terry towel over the end of the hose, turn the vacuum on, and then vacuum an area of the sofa. The results will tell you if it’s time to get the sofa cleaned.

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