Rug Doctor Rental, Or Hire a Professional, What to do?




Okay, your thinking why should I higher a carpet cleaner when I can rent a Rug Doctor for under a $100.00 and do it myself?

Let me give you a few things to consider before you make that decision.

Are you a carpet cleaner?  Most people think that carpet cleaning is easy, kind of like painting.  While almost everyone can paint most people are  not good painters.  it is the same with cleaning carpet.  Most people can read and understand the directions on a carpet cleaning rental machine but they can’t clean carpets.

The machine you’ll rent, no matter what type is not going to be strong enough to clean your carpet correctly.  A truly professional carpet cleaner pays at least $20,000.00 for they’re equipment alone (I spent about $40,000 for mine).  This does not include vehicle or experience or the education that a professional has.  At the most a rental may cost a few thousand dollars for the unit itself.

The difference between the 2 is heat and suction, experience and education.  A professional high grade machine will heat water to 230 degrees.  Where as a rental will only get the water hot.

1. Benefit from Experience

Professional carpet cleaners have hands-on experience with cleaning a variety of flooring. From tufted to needle-felt to flat-weave and woven carpet, cleaning services know what type of equipment and cleaning solution works best. They also know how to remove those tough stains without damaging your carpet.

2. Save Time

You might save a little money by cleaning the carpet yourself, but you’ll likely spend twice the time cleaning it as a professional service. Those who do cleaning often have mastered the technique and do usually learn ways to minimize their cleaning time. You might spend a whole day in one room whereas a professional cleaner can zip through in a couple of hours. If time equals money in your line of work, then you might find that it’s much cheaper to hire a professional. (Hint: Using one of those rental machines is not as easy as it looks!)

3. Minimize Moisture

No matter who cleans the carpet (you or a service), there will likely be some excess moisture in your carpet and padding. This can dry out gradually over a period of a few days, but the sooner it dries the better. A professional may use industrial fans to dry your carpet after a cleaning. This ensures minimal risk of mildewing while also allowing you to move your furniture back into the room fairly quickly.

4. Reduce Health Risks

Renting a carpet cleaner machine can pose a threat to your health or at least stir up allergies. You’ll have no way of knowing if the person who rented before you cleaned it properly after use, or if it was cleaned at all. Perhaps they have pets in the home or smoke heavily. If the machine wasn’t cleaned properly, you could spread their dirt, germs, pet hair and whatever else into your carpet – not a pleasant thought! Professional cleaners understand these factors and should be able to assure you of their equipment cleaning procedures between cleanings.

5. Get an Even Clean

Spot cleaning and vacuuming just doesn’t leave the clean, fresh look and feel as a professional cleaning. Spot cleaning tends to make only certain areas of the carpet look clean while others remain dirty. If you don’t have access to rental equipment or you simply don’t want to try it yourself, a professional carpet cleaner will help improve the look and feel of every inch of your carpeted rooms. The entire carpet (not just certain spots) in your home or office will look and feel new again.

When renting a machine and trying to do it yourself.  You’ll find out after you’ve spent the money and half the day attempting to get the soil out of your carpet that you’ve only made a dent in removing the soiled and contaminants that are present in your carpet.

Think about it.  You do what you do whatever profession your in.  You have the experience to do what you do, that’s why you get paid to do it.   So what’s your time and effort worth to you?

A professional carpet cleaner is the same.  That’s what we do day in and day out.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a call from someone pleading with me to come over and fix carpet that they’ve attempted to clean because of a party, graduation, wedding etc. 

We at One Call Carpet Cleaning will come into your home or office and clean your carpet professionally in a fraction of the time that it will take you and cost will not be too much more than what you would pay for a rental and the cost of your time. 

Give us a call today at 760-504-6608 and let us do the hard work while you relax.

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