The Pet Owners Carpet Care Plan


I am sure you love your pet. And you probably really enjoy your clean carpet as well.

The problem is, the two things don’t always mix. As a matter of fact, dogs, cats, and other pets can often leave our carpets looking a bit on the dingy, dirty, and stinky side.

What to do, though?

Well, as always, a good plan of attack begins with your vacuum cleaner. While it’s recommended that people vacuum once or twice a week, those with pets should vacuum every day, or at the very least every other day, to keep dirt and debris from burrowing too far down in the carpet fibers.

What about those inevitable periodic accidents?

Well, be sure to have an enzyme cleaner on hand for these, hopefully, rare occasions. Blot up as much of the mess as possible, and as quickly as possible, with a white towel or sponge.

Then apply a very small amount of the enzyme cleaner to the area, and using a damp sponge, work the stain in a counter-clockwise motion.

Don’t soak the area with enzyme cleaner, though, as this can cause an entirely new and different set of problems. Just a dab will do it. The goal is to do some as much damage control before you call on us.

These preliminary actions can help to prevent permanent staining and odor-burrowing.

If your carpets have, unfortunately, been the victim of many pet accidents, you may want to think about having us out to your home for a comprehensive, deep cleaning.

This way, you can feel comfortable knowing that your carpets not only look their best, but they also smell fresh and clean as well.

Hope to hear from you soon ,

Chris Thomas

One Call Carpet Cleaning



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