4 Things You Have To Know When You Have A Water Damage.




1) Avoid Hazards – electrical, slip & fall, microbial

     a) Make sure to avoid flooded areas with appliances and electronics that are making contact with flood water. It’s always better to be safe and turn off the power   breaker to those water damaged areas if there is any possiblility of electrical shock.

       b) Identify any slip & fall hazards as soon as it’s safe to enter the area. Do your best to eliminate those risks for example lay down towels at transition areas from carpet to hard surfaces. Alert others to be careful.

       c) If there is visible mold growth, follow these guidelines.

                 • DO NOT turn on fans and HVAC system. Doing so could and probably will spread mold spores to other areas of the    home/business increasing the area of contamination.

                  • DO NOT attempt to remove mold contaminated materials yourself. Doing so without having the specialized knowledge that our specialist have can and probably will expose you and your family to toxic and/or infectious materials. Risks can range from increased allergies to memory loss and even death. We spend thousands of dollars per year for specialized education on how to handle situations like this because of the potential health threats that come from exposure to mold and other microbials. Our specialists are trained to use the latest equipment and techniques to remove contaminants and restore your structure to a pre-loss condition while limiting and eliminating the health risks to you and your family.

2) Stop The Source – call One Call Carpet Cleaning at 760-504-6608 if you need help.

a) for condos: The main water shut-off is usually a lever located in the same location as your water heater.


b) for homes: The main water shut-off is usually outside and its location varies from home to home. Turn off any valves you find. Call a plumber immediately if you need help. Many offer 24 hour emergency service.

3) Remove Furniture – wood & metal can cause staining

a) These stains will most likely be permanent on carpet. Please make sure to point any know furniture and rust stains immediately to our specialist so that they can be properly treated before they dry and set. Can’t move it yourself? Don’t worry, our specialists will take care of it. Just try move as much as you can to limit damage to the flooring and furniture.

4) Call us immediately – every minute counts to prevent secondary damage


 a) Don’t wait to call us for help. The damage will begin to spread and increase in severity,complexity and cost for every hour you go without contacting Guaranteed Cleaning & Restoration. If you are reading this because you have an existing water damage, I hope you already called One Call Carpet Cleaning at 760-504-6608

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