Carpet Beetles: They eat clothes. Better act now!



A Carpet Beetle is 3 mm-long beetle, actually a pest living outside your home but could also be a serious household pest too where there is a suitable locations usually in the dark areas to lay eggs and food to eat. They come in to your house during spring and summer seasons where they can smell food from outside and where we open our windows. Once they come in they feed in your home usually on furnitures in an inconspicuous and undisturbed areas, clothing, food and on organic fibers such as carpets.

How do you know if your house is infested with carpet beetles.

  • If you see them around your windows. That means they are trying to go out once they laid their eggs.
  • If you see them around the baseboards.
  • If see a bug’s dead or shed skins and fecal spots.
  • Created a big hole in your carpet.


How to get rid of them.

  • Check them in any undisturbed and dark areas once you see them vacuum them right away.
  • Regular cleaning of your carpet or rug. No need to explain in details about that. If you see them they are dirty specially if you keep dropping food on your carpet and let them stay overnight there is a potential breeding ground for beetles or bugs. Thorough vacuuming or cleaning once in a while is necessary not only will benefit your home from these bugs but also will prolong your carpet. .
  • Regular cleaning where you store your clothes: drawers, cabinets, closets etc. If you see them on one of your clothes wash them in hot soapy water. These will not kill the beetles or bugs but also the eggs.
  • Regular cleaning of your furnitures. Thorough cleaning once in a while..
  • If you have bird’s or insect’s nests around your home, remove them as they will serve as a hot spots for beetles.
  • Use carpet spray treatments products that specifically control the beetles or bugs.


Hiring a professional.
If for some reasons you cannot do all of the suggestions above, or the damage is serious or you did all your best and you still seeing the beetles and bugs around we suggest you can hire a professional for better results. There are times that you think you can save money by doing it yourself where in fact you spend more time and money by repeating the job. Make sure when you contact them list of the things on what can they do and ask for estimates then compare them with other professional carpet beetle removal.


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