The Pet Owners Carpet Care Plan

  I am sure you love your pet. And you probably really enjoy your clean carpet as well. The problem is, the two things don’t always mix. As a matter of fact, dogs, cats, and other pets can often leave our carpets looking a bit on the dingy, dirty, and stinky side. What to do, […]

4 Things You Have To Know When You Have A Water Damage.

      1) Avoid Hazards – electrical, slip & fall, microbial      a) Make sure to avoid flooded areas with appliances and electronics that are making contact with flood water. It’s always better to be safe and turn off the power   breaker to those water damaged areas if there is any possiblility of electrical shock. […]

Carpet Cleaning Spotters, Are they safe?

  There are many cleaning agents you can choose for carpet and rugs.  There are hundreds of different products all claiming to be the best.  So which ones are safe? I’m sure you’re concerned about the safety of your carpet.  But even greater, you’re concerned about the safety of your family.  I’ll give you the basics […]

Carpet Beetles: They eat clothes. Better act now!

    A Carpet Beetle is 3 mm-long beetle, actually a pest living outside your home but could also be a serious household pest too where there is a suitable locations usually in the dark areas to lay eggs and food to eat. They come in to your house during spring and summer seasons where […]

Understanding Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

    If you are considering hot water extraction carpet cleaning methods then there are many different advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before using this method. The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend using hot water extraction as the proper method for carpet cleaning. This is can be an advantage depending on the type […]