Your Childs Breathing Dust Mites In Your Carpet








Children are the group most vulnerable to the detrimental side effects of dust mites and trarpped pet dander in carpets. Often other people living in the home will be affected also, this is quite common. The reason is mainly because children seem to be on the floor a lot (and as a result on the carpet), crawling, walking, running, petting the family pet, and playing at the other usual things that sets them at a closer level to breathing of virtually all of the allergens caught in the carpet. There are many and a wide variety of allergens in your carpet.

Dust mites and pet dander are allergens. A report by the American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology says “Approximately 10 percent of Americans exhibit allergic sensitivity to dust mites.” Allergy symptoms can set-off responses like sneezing, scratchy, bleary eyes or symptoms of asthma attack. An asthma attack is considered to be critical as it can bring about hospitalization and also death.

It is the dust mite waste matter that sets off the allergic attack. It is really not a pleasant thought but that is the scientific basis for this allergic reaction.

Dust normally brings about the existence of the dust mite. Chris Thomas the owner operator of One Call Carpet Cleaning has been doing this type of work for over 15 years. Chris has been enganged in carpet and floor cleaning for more than 15 years. Chris’s personal message is, “Your carpet is a filtering system, it assists to filter the air in your house. The simplest method, not surprisingly to minimize dust and dusindicates s in the home is frequent and regular vacumming. Regular means every week.”

What is the importance of this? Due to the fact that children’s natureal immune system tend to be still developing, having your son or daughter sneeze or cough on account of lack of rug cleaning is a indicator that dust and additional allergens have attained a crucial point in your household.
Grown ups often require a longer period to acquire the signs and symptoms involved with dust and dander allergic reactions, nonetheless the remedy for all households with carpeting is the exact same. Frequent vacuuming and dust removal assists and maintains a lower level of dirt brought coming from the outside and a growing dust mite population.

Couples with children may suppose that their child just simply has a common cold or a virus, given that the child has a dripping and runny nose, scratchy eyes and they’re sneezing. Generally it may also amount to an allergic attack to the dust mites and pet dander that have gathered in your carpets and rugs.

Does professional carepet cleaning equipment always remove dust mites, pet dander and allergens? The fact is, no. If the carpet cleaning is of the kind where the carpet is brushed by having a circular machine do the cleaning and the dirt from the carpet is not pulled up and out, as in extraction, then that does not get rid of the allergens and dust mites.

A great solution is, obviously, to get your carpet professionally cleaned. This should typically be done every six months, and assumes you are doing normal every week vacuuming between professional cleaning. Imagine it as a deep, exhaustive clean-up of your carpet.

Because professional machines are used, the clean-up occurs at a greater thorough degree to get rid of dust and various allergy-causing compounds—a specific thing that most every day household vacuum cleaners are definitely not prepared to handle.

Regardless, whether you get your carpet professionally cleaned or you not, it’s worthwhile to look out for of high-traffic spots in your house. These zones are prime places for dust or allergen accumulation. Hallways, doorways to the outdoors, different places where boys and girls play, and the best spots for your pet to lay on, and spots where family members and others change shoes are locations you are looking to vacuum with a greater number of passes than the low-traffic parts in your home. 

Chris Thomas the owner operator of One Call Carpet Cleaning has been in the cleaning business for 15 years.  He knows what it takes to remove dirt, soil and dust mites from your carpet so you can feel good about your family playing in your living room carpet.  Call him today at 760-504-6608

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