The Benefits of Steam Cleaning Grout

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning


Darker grout masks dirt build-up better than lighter colored grout. Darker grout is typically used on floors and outdoor areas to avoid obvious stains.

If your grout is not currently sealed, we recommend steam cleaning grout with a steam cleaner. This will help you remove the grime without using grout destroying acids. After thoroughly cleaning the grout, it is best to apply a sealer to protect it from more dirt and grime getting stuck in it. You should seal your grout 1-2 times every year (depending on how much use it gets & what kind of cleaners you use). Also, don’t forget to reseal your grout after any repair work, or re-grouting of the tile.

Steam cleaning is a process that has vastly improved even over the last ten years. Grout steam cleaners do not using any cleaning chemicals to clean tiles or grout. As the temperature of the water goes over 100 degrees steam is created. However, with a high pressure steamer the temperature of the water can be increased to 180 degrees creating what is know as dry steam. The advantages of dry stream are many. First, they have low vapor content (less than 5%). This mean you will have a lot less moisture trapped in the tiles which can eventually break them down. Second, the steam kills dust mites, bacteria, germs and mildew. It also gives your tile grout for a deep and thorough cleaning using a lot less water than a mop or sponge. Steam cleaners that are rated at a 6 bar or higher are the best to use when grout cleaning.

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