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One Call Carpet Cleaning is now providing House Cleaning and Window Washing.  During the last few years a lot of our customers have been telling us that they would like us to provide this service to them.  So if you need any house cleaning or window washing give us a call today at 760-504-6608
Additionally my wife Debbie has taken over a friends small house sitting business here in Ramona.  Debbie has grown up raising and breeding her own horses, dog’s and other farm animals.  She’s an avid Dressage rider and has been working her way up to grand prix level.  She has several accounts now and looking to take on more.  We’ve lived here in Ramona for 13 years and have many local references.  Should you wish to speak with Debbie regarding this, she can be reached at 760 504 4147 or

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We are Ramona family owned and operated business.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and high-quality products and services. Whether your carpets or upholstery need a seasonal cleaning, or emergency services due to damage or staining, we can help you restore your floors and furniture to their original condition.

Give us a call today to set up a free estimate at your home or office.  We also offer pricing over the phone for those customers who lead busy lives.

One Call Carpet Cleaning serves the Ramona, Poway, Escondido, Julian, Santa Ysabel, Lakeside & El Cajon areas.

Call us at 760-504-6608 for a free estimate.

Have you hugged your carpet cleaner today?  Take a chance and try the best carpet cleaning service in North County and see the difference for yourself.

Four common myths and misconceptions about carpet cleaning

#1. It makes no difference which cleaning method is performed false. The method used on your carpets will determine how much cleaner your carpet ends up looking (depending on the method used, the amount of residue and dirt that is removed changes), how much healthier your home will be, and also how long your carpets last.

There are mainly two different methods practiced for carpet cleaning

One is known as dry cleaning, and is practiced either with a use of foams or powders to help break down soil and debris. It’s most obvious virtue (having no dry time as it has no use of wet fluids of any kind) is also its biggest flaw. Using this method on your carpets tends to leave a substantial amount of debris and dirt behind as your carpets are not washed at any point.

Try to think of doing your dishes only instead of washing them with water you would use a chemical to break down the dirt and a vacuum to rinse them. The most effective and therefore the best method for carpet cleaning is the second one, known as hot water extraction.

Shaw Industries, who is the biggest carpeting manufacturer in the world, recommends hot water extraction as the preferred carpet cleaning method. This method uses high pressure to insert a cleaning solution with hot water into the carpet. When the solution is extracted back out, the dirt and debris are removed with it.

The high water temperature used in this method is what makes the cleaning more effective, as hot water break down dirt, soil and bacteria more easily. The following step is requires this mixture of water and dirt particles to be drawn out of the carpet using powerful suction equipment. When practiced by an experience technician, using a truck mounted unit, hot water extraction provides the best cleaning results for your carpets.

This method can be practiced using either a portable unit or a truck mount. A portable unit is an independent small unit, small enough to be brought in the house. A truck mounted unit will be operated long distance, using a truck parked outside your house, with hoses going from it into your house.

The preferred unit according to Shaw Industries is the truck mounted unit, as it provides with a higher water temperature and a more powerful suction for extracting out the debris and dirt. Portable units may only be used in places where a truck mounted unit cannot reach. Here at One Call Carpet Cleaning we always prefer using the truck mounted units, and only use the portable units in places the truck mounted unit has no access to.

#2 you should not clean your carpets professionally too often

False. Not that by that we mean you should clean your carpets once a month, but regular basis carpet cleaning will contribute in making your house healthier and your carpets last longer.

Why? Because grime and dirt are harmful to carpeting. They are aggressive, and by walking on your carpets you are actually grinding this grime into the carpet’s fibers. The grinding action makes carpets wear out a lot faster than they should. And even though vacuuming is helpful, it is not sufficient in removing all the pollutants and dirt out of the carpets.

So how often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned? That would greatly depend on the amount of people living in the house, how old are they and whether or not you own pets. As you may know, having young children in the house can get your rugs, upholstery and carpets dirty much faster.

Pets too can add in a significant amount of dust, dirt and other contaminators. Even though it might seem too often to you at first, I would recommend having your carpets cleaned once every 6-8 months. If your living conditions are different or if you wish to postpone the cleaning as much as possible, then your carpets should be cleaned at least once a year.

You must also take your family’s health into consideration when you decide how often to clean your carpets. Basically your carpets functions as a big air filter for all that dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens that circulate in your housed air. Just as any other filter, your carpet will function at its best when it is clean. If your carpets are clean they can trap within their fibers all of these uninvited guests. But as time passes by, the carpets fibers become fuller, and lose their effectiveness in trapping these microscopic nasties. That is the reason why I believe, even more importantly than appearance, in the importance of having your carpets deeply cleaned regularly.

If you or one of your loved ones is suffering from asthma, allergies or different breathing issues, the first thing you must do is have your carpets cleaned professionally. An overloaded, dirty carpet is an actual source of allergens and irritants for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. A carpet that has been cleaned professionally will once again resume its function as an effective filter that blocks off these allergens and irritants.

To conclude these are the top three benefits of regular carpet cleaning:

1 – Your carpets will have a great visual appearance
2 – your carpets will last much longer
3 – your home will be a healthier living environment for your family and yourself.

#3 carpet cleaning services are practically the same so I should pick the lowest price.

False. Unfortunately this is just not true. Impossibly low prices are usually an open invitation to a bad service experience when carpet cleaning is concerned. Other than a red flag for a switch and bait tactic, and similar unethical sales tactics, a very low rate may also indicate companies using inexperienced technicians and old fashioned cleaning methods and equipment.

The sad truth is despite what has been advertised on your phone guide or what you found on the coupon mailers, there is no company out there that will provide a good cleaning at such low prices, not to mention make a living out of them. These low prices are usually just ways to get access to your home, as so many people have found out and have since that discovery became my loyal customers.

The minuet these businesses receive access to your house, you will find that the advertised price is not for a thorough and complete cleaning, and even worse, they will now start putting high pressure on you to have you spend a great deal of money on services and extras you don’t really want.

One more downside of these low prices is the fact the technician might not fully know what is he doing, and could also be using outdated machinery. At some cases it is a sign of a person or company new to this business, and might not have the required knowledge to provide you with top quality service and cleaning results. Low pricing is mostly used by untrained and low experienced cleaners as their way to put their foot in your door.

If, even after reading all the listed above, you are still interested in nothing but the lowest price, I will respectfully ask you not to call my company. If however, you are interested in the best value (meaning paying a fair price for professional, competent work) I encourage you to give me a call for any further information you may require.

#4 I can perform as good of a job using any of the do it yourself rent out machines.

False. The main problem with these machines found for rent at hardware stores or supermarkets is that they don’t heat water enough for fully providing a deep cleaning of your carpets, nor do they have a strong enough suction to extract all the grime and dirt from your carpets.

The cost of purchase for one of these rental units is roughly $300, in comparison to a professional portable unit that goes for around $2,000. And good cleaners usually spend at least $20,000 on professional truck mounted units.

Which one of these different systems gives you a better cleaning result do you think? And another question you should ask yourself is how much is your time worth? if saving a few dollars means going out to rent equipment, spending time to learn how to operate it, actually doing the work, cleaning up after you are done, and then going back to return your equipment, is it really worth all that trouble?

5 things you need to be aware of regarding your carpet cleaner.

1. What cleaning method does the company use?
As previously mentioned, a truck mounted unit used for hot water extraction is the recommended method of cleaning for carpets by Shaw Industries. It is also the highest investment made by a carpet cleaning business and indicates (although does not prove) that this is a serious business. When practiced by a trained technician hot water extraction will provide with the healthiest and deepest cleaning results possible for your carpet.

2. Are the company’s technicians IICRC certified?
The IICRC (initials stand for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)is an independent body providing the highest level of technical training seminars and courses available today to the carpet cleaning industry. Your carpet cleaner must have an IICRC certification in all restoration or cleaning services provided by him.

The IICRC certifications and training process is an expensive one and therefore many of the companies out there try to save costs by not sending their technicians to acquire the highest and most efficient cleaning methods.

So before you give you’re to have your upholstery or carpets cleaned, you should ask the company to provide you with a copy of the company’s IICRC certification. Any technician that went through the intense and thorough IICRC training will be more than proud to provide you with such proof of certification.

3. Does the company back up all its work with a firm, uncompromising guarantee?
You should always go with a company that has confidence in the quality of service and workmanship it provides, so that you have confidence with your chosen carpet cleaning service. The best way of knowing you made the right choice, is picking a carpet cleaner that backs up his work with a firm uncompromising money back guarantee.

Don’t hire a random company that gives only verbal guarantees for their quality of work. Insist on seeing a written copy of the business’ guarantee. Beware of companies that add numerous conditions and restrictions on their guarantees. These kinds of guarantees are usually found useless to the customers. What you are looking for is a simple, straight forward guarantee that clearly states what action the company will take in the event you are for some reason not fully satisfied with their service.

4. Does the company have references or reviews from their previous customers?
Any company can praise its own service, but the companies that have references and endorsements from their satisfied clients, have a proven record of providing high quality workmanship and services. Asking for customer reviews is an important step in interviewing your potential cleaner. Any company that refuses or simply cannot refer you to such reviews or references should make you doubt the quality of their service.

5. Can your cleaner provide you with a free onsite estimate or inspection?
Hiring a carpet cleaning company blindly over the phone isn’t t the best way to go. a better method that assures you get a top-rated company and have the confidence of knowing your exact cost and what services will be applied, is to have one of the company’s representatives arrive at your home. This will give you a much more informed impression of the company. Was that representative knowledgeable? Polite? Did he take the time to consider your personal needs? This is not the kind of information a phone call will provide.

Onsite inspections and estimates provided in writing will make sure you know exactly what to expect from your carpet cleaning project. The company will also benefit from this pre -visit as they will get a clearer picture of any problem areas, the accurate measurements and other details to help them prepare for the work. You will have more confidence in your choice knowing the precise costs of all services about to be performed.

What are the factors influencing your carpet cleaning price?
Most reputable carpet cleaning companies price their carpet cleaning service by the square footage. There are several factors which determine what price you will pay for having your carpeting cleaned. The first factor is what type of carpet is it. Some fiber type carpets will be harder to clean and might cost a little extra. But even a more important factor is the condition of the carpet, and how heavily soiled is it to begin with.

Carpets that were not professionally cleaned for long periods of time are tougher to clean and it will take longer to have them cleaned compared to well maintained carpets that were regularly cleaned. The added time and effort are factors that might slightly increase the cost.

The last factor to affect the pricing is the number of carpeted stairs, and furniture items that will need to be moved. Here at One Call Carpet Cleaning we proudly provide you with a detailed, FREE in-home inspection with an accurate price quote for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. We will go over all the details with you and explain your different options to ensure you completely understand what needs to be done, how, and at what cost.


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